SoCal Select Women’s Team Travels the Globe

Since 2004, Coach Bruce Silverman has been taking teams of aspiring women abroad to play in International Tournaments and friendlies. Traveling to Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others, has been a great experience for the women on his teams. The women have taken home two championship trophies and boasted several undefeated records when on friendly game tours.

“These trips are important because they provide an opportunity for these women to compete internationally, which is something that very few have the opportunity to do. To be able to experience marching in under their country’s flag in opening ceremonies will provide these ladies with a sense of pride that is indescribable. To visit a foreign country and spend time with other cultures that also share the passion of soccer is truly a unique way to travel that no one would ever experience by traveling on their own.” – Bruce Silverman.

Every year there is a new tournament to play in and a different style of play to test their skills against. Playing internationally is great because it allows the players to experience different styles of play, forcing them to perfect aspects of their games that didn’t exist before. Since So Cal Select joined Coast Soccer League because of its competitiveness, they knew it would help to gain experience outside the league to set them ahead of the rest. This benefit was definitely seen this season as SoCal Select took first place in Coast Soccer League’s Adult Women’s division. They scored 99 goals in 22 games.

“We had some players early on that were not real reliable. We removed some of those players from our roster and picked up some really strong reliable players who just completed their college careers. Throughout the season we seemed to improve every game as our players became comfortable with each other. We have not lost a match in a very long time. We have some very talented players that play very well together.” – Bruce Silverman.

It is not all about business. When there are no games scheduled, the team is off touring the cities they are visiting. Ancient castles, famous museums and trains through the European country side are all on the list.

This year from July 12 through July 29, Bruce is taking two teams Europe; 23 from SoCal Select, and 17 from his U16 women’s team, coached by Lisa Hermen, a Focus FC player, assistant coach at Santiago Canyon College and a Cal Poly Pomona Soccer Alumn. The destinations include: Berlin, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

The plans don’t stop in Europe though, in 2014, SoCal Select is schedule to play 8 to 10 friendlies against teams in Brazil. This will be a very special trip as the World Cup will be going on around the same time, so players will get to watch some of the most exciting soccer tournaments in the world.