Raul Briones Cup & Friendship Cup

Rules & Groupings

There are 5 groups of 6 teams each (divided into subgroups of 3).

Every team has 3 first round games, you will not play the teams in your own subgroup, this is who you will be up against for the standings.  You will play against the teams in your mirror group.

First Round Scoring will based on the 10 point system.  Win = 6 points, Tie = 3 points, Each goal = 1 point (max 3 points and you still get points for goals even if you lose or tie), Shutout = 1 point
Raul Briones Cup & Friendship Cup

  • 14 teams will advance to the RB Cup. Top 2 teams will have a bye in the first round.
  • 13 will go to the Friendship Cup (top 3 teams will have a bye in the first round of elimination for Friendship Cup)
  • The lowest team form each division ( Premier, Major and First ) will be eliminated after pool play.

Tiebreakers – If total points are tied then here is how we do the seeding:

  • Head to head
  • GF3
  • GA
  • GD
  • Flip of a coin or playoff if it determines elimination rather than which group the team goes into – RB Cup or Friendship cup

Elimination round procedures for both Friendship Cup and Raul Briones Cup:

  • Throughout the entire elimination round the team with the higher seed will be the home team
  • In the event the higher seed does not have a home field, the lower seed will have home field
  • If neither team has a home field the game will be scheduled at a neutral site such as Westgrove
  • If the games end in a tie, two 15 minute overtimes will be played as per FIFA rules
  • If it is still tied at the end of overtime, penalty kicks will be taken as per FIFA rules

Note – any forfeit in Cup group games will result in a 1-0 win (8 points) for the winning team.  Also, teams are not allowed to share players for any cup games (i.e. LA Strikers and HB Strikers cannot share.  You can only play with the team that shows on your ID card)