Registering Players

Go to the CSL Player Registration System – don’t let all of this information confuse you, it is a fairly simple process.

New player – click on the link above to register a new player*

In order to register a player you will need the following information:

  1. You will create a user name and password to login
  2. Player Name
  3. Birthdate
  4. Address
  5. Phone
  6. Email
  7. Photo – you must upload a photo in order to complete the registration
  8. Payment
  • If you have problems please click on the link to the left “Player Registration Instructions” to review the registration process
  • If you continue to have problems please contact the CSL Registrar and give a clear description of the issue and what stage (according to the “Player Registration Instructions”) the issue occurred.


PLAYER CHANGES – Transfer, Drop, Lost Card, Multiroster

  • ALL player changes require you to fill out the PLAYER CHANGE FORM
  • This form, along with payment, must be sent to the CSL registrar for processing
  • You must fill out one form for every action to be taken.  Multiple changes can be paid for with one check.
  • You do not need to pay the $26 registration fee for any changes.  A Calsouth player registration is valid for one year (July 1 – June 30) and is transferable between Calsouth affiliated leagues.  A player may not play in the CSL without a Calsouth player ID card that has the official CSL Registrar stamp & signature.

Player Transfer

  • Must send existing player card.
  • The Registrar will process the transfer and mail the new card to the team manager.

Multiroster Player

  • This is a player who is already registered to play in another Calsouth sanctioned league and wants to also play in the CSL.

Drop a player

  • Must send existing player card.

Lost Card

  • Registrar will get confirmation from the CSL Referee Liaison and a new card will be sent to the team manager.

As a regular practice CSL Registrar will process and mail all registrations every Thursday afternoon. All cards will be sent to the Team managers address as listed on their team page.

If a team manager wishes to pickup their card(s) they may do so. Cards may be picked up on Thursday nights at the Seahorse Team practice between 7:30pm-10:00pm. Located on the corner of Beach Blvd and Rosecrans Ave at Los Coyotes Middle School (just look for the lights on the field). Other arrangements can be made to pick up cards from the Seahorse team office (also located on the same corner), please arrange in advance with the CSL Registrar when picking up player cards.

* All new player registrations must be paid online via credit card (paypal is not accepted), CSL will not accept any other form of payment for new player registrations.

**Checks will only be accepted from current team manager as listed on the CSL Team page on this website. Please do not mail cash.

***Any player may play in multiple Calsouth affiliated leagues under the same registration. However, players may not play on multiple teams within the CSL. A player may only play on one team in Calsouth sanctioned tournaments. A player found to be playing on multiple teams in a sanctioned tournament will be suspended from Calsouth for a period of time TBD by Calsouth.

Emails and phone calls will only be accepted from current team manager as official communication.  If a player is having problems with registration they must go through their team manager.